Penthouse in a heritage building

Summit Apartment

Completion date


Project manager

Katherine Ste-Marie


André Doyon

Design award

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M-BHERER_230309-05 Desjardins Bherer

Clients: A family that loves to entertain and has young adults soon to leave the nest 

A religious heritage building, built in 1924, was more than ready for future occupants to bring it back to life. On one side, the views were to Mount Royal and the splendour of its natural beauty and the changing seasons. On the other side was Montreal, as far as the eye could see.

Once the walls were down, the site offered no end of possibilities, like an empty canvas ready to receive a work of art. Inspiration would come from its very high ceilings, which offered generous volumes, and the light, streaming through and bathing the apartment from both sides.

It was in this space, where everything needed to be imagined, that the buyers wanted to create a space in their image. The apartment would be warm, bright and well suited to the life of a family whose children would soon be leaving the nest. It would be a place where they could play host to both friends and family, a contemporary apartment with mouldings to add a more classical touch, recalling the site’s past.

M-BHERER_230309-04 Desjardins Bherer
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Grand entry

Upon entering the apartment, the tone is set. Everything has a role to play in creating a sense of grandeur. The full-height cabinetry combines functionality and elegance, and the white walls and bleached white oak floor give the impression of a breath of fresh air. The luminaires, the mirror and the vertical design of the wardrobe doors subtly emphasize the height of the space.

A few steps ahead, a graceful wood and glass staircase leads up to a roof terrace.

M-BHERER_230309-10 Desjardins Bherer
M-BHERER_230309-11 Desjardins Bherer

Concealing and enhancing

Throughout the apartment, light and windows are used to maximum effect. In contrast, hardware, ventilation outlets, appliances, storage spaces and anything else that does not charm the eye have been masterfully concealed, often behind ceiling bulkheads.   

The light-filled, open-plan main room overlooking Mount Royal sets the stage for the family’s day-to-day life. The living room, kitchen and dining room are in pure harmony, even though the purpose of each space is clearly defined.

M-BHERER_230309-09 Desjardins Bherer
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A generous kitchen

The kitchen has a soothing atmosphere that is just as well suited to everyday family life as it is to entertaining and throwing parties.

The island makes a statement with its generous dimensions – it is 20 feet long – without being overbearing. Here, finesse is everywhere: in the frosted and grey-painted glass facades, a very thin and hard-wearing imitation-marble porcelain surface, recessed ceiling lights and long pendant luminaires to illuminate the worktops.

Smooth, handle-free white lacquer cabinets contribute to the overall impression of lightness and conceal the appliances. The hood above the cooktop is housed in a very high opening, clad in quartz.

M-BHERER_230309-05 - Desjardins Bherer
M-BHERER_230309-04 - Desjardins Bherer
M-BHERER_230309-07 - Desjardins Bherer
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A room for living

Adjacent to the kitchen, the living room is warm and inviting, with a majestic fireplace clad in Cristallo Silver Light marble. It is flanked by a large television. Linking these two focal points is a long storage unit with clean, crisp lines made from anthracite-stained grey oak.

The furniture was selected with an eye to good ergonomics. The watchword here is fluidity, whether rendered through the curve at the end of the long sofa, which naturally follows a line toward the master bedroom, or the swivel armchairs, which provide views spanning across the room.

Window on the city

Looking to the dining area, a table in blue-grey tinted glass under a delicate, floating luminaire create a graceful view. Nothing more needs to be said, since here it is the city that is on show.  

Soothing symmetry

In the master bedroom, all things are conducive to calm. Upon waking, the view is to the out-of-doors, with the bed facing a full-height window.

Behind the bed is a large wardrobe, accessible through openings on either side of the wall, giving the room a soothing symmetry.

The generous storage space, cleverly concealed in this way, also reflects a desire to purify and “smooth out” the decor. The cabinets are handle-free, recessed and minimalist but highly effective, reaching to the ceiling in sober lines, in a mix of grey-stained and white oak.

Bath with a view

Set off from the master bedroom by a textured glass door, the bathroom overlooks nature. We wanted to take full advantage of this view by placing the bathtub close to the imposing window. It is almost like being on the mountain.